bbqube classic

Photo: Marion Nitsch

bbqube classic


Every bbqube classic is unique

Individual and simply one of a kind! The use of natural materials such as stone, ceramic and solid wood means that every bbqube classic kitchen is unique - no two stone slabs or pieces of timber are alike in grain or colour. Archaic in design, the bbqube symbolizes an original form of beauty, a kind of sophistication inspired by the original shape of the kitchen block – based on the Japanese design philosophy “wabi-sabi”.


We love life - indoors and outdoors

That’s why we developed a garden kitchen designed to meet the demanding requirements of outdoor furniture and kitchens, requirements concerning the use of superior quality materials throughout with resource-saving ecological production. That’s why we chose made in Germany.
This created an iconic piece for future generations, designed by Michael Schmidt
The classic feel of bbqube’s design remind us of the great kitchens of the past: a single unit in natural stone or stainless steel, resting on two three-legged trestles made of solid wood. The bbqube sets the perfect scene for a performance – all in an expandable floor space measuring only 1.8 x 0.7 meters.



We've thought of everything for you!

Easy to assemble and disassemble (weight: stone kitchen block: 73 kg, stainless steel kitchen block: 35 kg, wooden frame: 12 kg).

No power connection necessary for the operation of the kitchen

Can be connected to the household water supply via a garden hose or water pipe

The gas grills are powered by a standard propane cylinder, which is hidden in a container

The work surface can be extended by lateral add-on elements

An integrated waste chute with waste container ensures easy disposal of the waste produced

A water-repellent, breathable, textile hood provides protection against dirt and the elements

ocq meets bbq



Michael Schmidt



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