What makes OCQ
a leading manufacturer of outdoor kitchens?

As a renowned manufacturer of outdoor kitchens, OCQ not only focuses on outstanding materials and processing quality, but also on innovative and forward-thinking designs. The combination of functionality and aesthetics makes OCQ an unparalleled provider of stylish and durable outdoor kitchens that meet the highest standards. These seven principles form an important foundation of the brand.

1. Innovative design and premium quality

Our products are the result of years of experience and expertise in the outdoor living industry. We prioritize innovative designs that balance aesthetics, functionality, and user experience. We place the highest value on premium quality and use durable, robust materials that meet the requirements of the outdoors.

2. Customer orientation and individual solutions

We put our customers at the center and value individual solutions that meet their needs and requirements. We offer tailored products and services that are based on the specific needs of our customers and ensure the highest quality and functionality.

3. Excellent performance

Our products are known for their excellent performance. We aim for the highest standards of function and application and offer our customers unique and unforgettable outdoor experiences. We value innovative technologies and materials that ensure the highest performance and robustness.

4. Premium-Designqualität und Design-Icons

We set standards in the outdoor living sector by offering products of the highest quality and aesthetics that embody timeless design and radiate elegance. We aim to create timeless design icons that are state-of-the-art even after years. We see our products as an expression of individual style and a statement of the highest demands for design and quality.

5. Passion and expertise

Our success is based on the passion and expertise of our team. We believe that only with enthusiasm and expertise can we achieve excellence. That's why we have a motivated and qualified team that faces new challenges every day and develops innovative solutions.

6. Progressive attitude

We believe that the topic of outdoor living will continue to gain importance. For this reason, we pursue a progressive attitude that is based on the needs of our customers. We are always open to new ideas and trends and implement them in our products.

7. Sustainability and environmental compatibility

Our products are not only functional and aesthetically appealing but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. We use recyclable materials and innovative technologies that conserve resources and minimize environmental impact. We manufacture exclusively in Germany and the EU and choose our suppliers locally whenever possible. We believe that sustainability and environmental compatibility will play an increasingly important role in the outdoor living industry.


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